VIA FRANCIGENA: on the route of the pilgrims
Cycling holiday from Siena to Rome

francigenaFrom Siena to Rome, from Piazza del Campo to Piazza San Pietro by bicycle, following one of the o the most fascinating and famous pilgrimage routes in Italy.

The tour we propose faithfully follows the original route of the Via Francigena, across the Tuscan hinterland and Lazio. The route is mostly on dirt roads, this is why we recommend the mountain bike.


Day 1: Arrival in Siena and hotel accommodation.

francigena2Day 2: From Siena through the val d'arbia you'll arrive in Val d'Orcia, where you will stop fo the night. Of note along the way the Grancia di Cuna, a renowned architectural example of a fortified farm built in the fourteenth century, and the beautiful medieval village of Buonconvento.

Day 3: this is certanly the most beautiful and interesting of the entire vacation.
You will cross the Val d'Orcia and you'll descend into the valley of the Paglia, for long stretches along the old Via Cassia (a beautiful traffic-free and dirt road), in a landscape that becomes gradually more and more wild and lonely. Along the way you'll encounter the spa town of Bagno Vignoni and Radicofani,a beautiful village perched which dominates the entire Val d'Orcia.

francigena4Day 4: you will arrive into the beautiful and famous city of Viterbo, know as “the city of the Popes”. Also this stage is developed for long stretches of dirt roads and little traffic, but to avoid some dangerous and impassable sections of the trail, you'll be constrained to brief passages on the Via Cassia, a very beautiful and scenic road, but a little busy. Points of interest are the beautiful lake of Bolsena and the natural and free spa of Bagnaccio, a few miles from Viterbo, with 5 tanks hyperthermal at 65 degree.

francigena3Day 5: You'll enter into the Roman countryside. Leaving Viterbo you will immediatly ride a spectacular Etruscan road entirely carved into the tuff. The capital approaches and countries you cross lead all signs of the temporal power of the popes but also the memories of classical, Etruscan and Roman, emerge at every street corner. At Sutri you can visit the beautiful amphitheater inside the “Parco Urbano dell'antichissima città di Sutri”. From here a road with amazing views will lead you to the shore of Lake of Bracciano.

Day 6: You will complete the "pilgrimage" and reach Rome The original route of the Via Francigena plans to follow the busy Via Cassia and then via Trionfale. The traffic and the danger of this road has led us to study and propose an alternative way through the beautiful natural park of Vejo and the path along the river Tevere.

Day 7: End of services and departure.

DETAILS OF THE TOUR: 7 days / 6 nights
Overnight stays are scheduled in Siena – San Quirico d'Orcia – Acquapendente – Viterbo – Campagnano di Roma – Roma

What is included in the fee:

francigena-tour » 6 nights 3/4* hotel accomodation
» breakfast buffet
» luggage transportation
» medical insurance
» route descriptions and detailed maps
» GPS tracks. 5 nights 3/4* hotel accomodation

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